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Crazy Time

Crazy Time Game Description

Crazy Time Live Game

Crazy Time Live has captured the hearts of millions of gamblers worldwide. Legends of huge winnings and thrilling rounds abound. Just watching one Crazy Time stream is enough to ignite the idea of winning big from just one spin. Let's uncover the secret of the online game Crazy Time's popularity and find out which casino is best to choose to play Crazy Time online and where you can watch Crazy Time streams.

Crazy Time

Where to Play Crazy Time?

In the official Crazy Time app

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Crazy Time Game Statistics

Crazy Time

Crazy Time Stats

Crazy Time provides players with convenient access to extensive win statistics presented in intuitive tables. This information displays the frequency of successful combinations, helping to determine the optimal time to place bets. With historical data on wins and live game broadcasts, the process becomes more engaging and accessible. Players can study the history of wins and identify the largest jackpots of the day along with their multipliers, adding extra excitement to the game.

Crazy Time Statistics for the Last 12 Hours



330 total appearances
2 spins since then



176 total appearances
1 spin since then



95 total appearances
4 spins since then



60 total appearances
40 spins since then



26 total appearances
33 spins since then



33 total appearances
27 spins since then



59 total appearances
12 spins since then



13 total appearances
25 spins since then

Features of the Crazy Time Game

Essentially, Crazy Time is an online lottery broadcast where a dealer spins a giant Wheel of Fortune in real-time. The players' task is to predict where the pointer will stop and place the corresponding bet. Sounds easy, but the game is not that simple. The wheel is divided into 54 sectors. Most sectors contain regular multipliers (x2, x5, x10, etc.), but there are special sectors with bonus games. It's these bonuses that make the game truly exciting and thrilling! If you search for "crazy time online stream to watch," you'll find dozens of videos where players increase multipliers up to x100 literally from the first spin. Intrigued? Test your luck too. But before you play, you need to choose a reliable casino.

Where Can You Watch the Crazy Time Broadcast?

WHERE TO PLAY? You can't just watch the game. Either you play or you leave. But you can watch recordings and Crazy Time live streams on streaming platforms. The easiest way to watch a stream is to search on YouTube for "crazy time online stream to watch" and choose the first one you like. Here you can see Crazy Time online streams with huge wins from a single spin, as well as equally grand failures. Watching Crazy Time streams not only brings enjoyment but also increases experience. By learning from the mistakes and victories of streamers, you can develop your own gaming intuition and come up with a winning strategy. Often, streamers themselves offer strategies. But it's better to participate once than to watch a hundred times. So register your personal account, join the Crazy Time game, and place your first bet!

Crazy Time Online Broadcast

Bonus Games in Crazy Time

The Crazy Time wheel features nine bonus rounds:

  • Coin Flip (4 times),
  • Cash Hunt (2 times),
  • Pachinko (2 times),
  • Crazy Time (1 time).

Although Coin Flip occurs most frequently, the game's statistics may sometimes alter commonly accepted perceptions of probabilities. Nevertheless, the most significant wins are usually associated with the wheel stopping at the bonus game Crazy Time, where players anticipate the coveted jackpot.

Crazy Time


The first of the bonus games in Crazy Time, Coin Flip, stands out with its simple yet captivating mechanism. In this game, a specialized coin is played on a drum with four sectors when it lands on the "Coin Flip" sector. The coin has two sides—red and blue—each with its own individual coefficient determining payouts. The size of bets on Coin Flip may vary depending on the rules of the specific casino and the details of the round, starting from small amounts and having the potential for significant increases.



The second bonus game in Crazy Time, Pachinko, transforms the gameplay into a captivating visual spectacle with a huge wall covered in numerous obstacle pins. At the base of the wall, there are various payout coefficients that the ball launched by the dealer aims to reach. Along its path, the ball bounces off obstacles, changing its trajectory, adding an element of unpredictability and thrilling tension to the game. Some game variations offer a "double" sector, which doubles all coefficients and relaunches the ball if it lands in this area. The maximum win in Pachinko depends on the coefficients the ball hits during the game, making each round unpredictable and exciting.



Cash Hunt, the third in the list of bonus games in Crazy Time, is an interesting virtual shooting range where players are given a choice of 108 different multipliers. Participants are asked to select a target they believe hides the highest multiplier and then take a shot. Afterward, the multipliers become known, and each player receives the multiplier corresponding to the outcome of their choice. Cash Hunt adds an element of strategy and intrigue to the Crazy Time gameplay, offering a unique and exciting way to test your luck in the dynamic atmosphere of an online casino.


Crazy Time

When the bonus game in Crazy Time is triggered, players find themselves in a special room where they have to spin a money wheel adorned with various payout multipliers. Before the game starts, participants are faced with a choice - to select the color of one of the three markers (green, blue, or orange) positioned above the wheel. Each marker promises potential payouts, the size of which depends on where the wheel stops. It is recommended to choose the marker that offers the highest number of multipliers. If the marker lands on the "Double" or "Triple" segment, the multipliers increase according to the selected marker, after which the wheel spins again with the increased values. In the Crazy Time bonus game, the maximum possible multiplier reaches 25,000, making it one of the most exciting and potentially profitable games.

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Questions and Answers about Crazy Time

What is Crazy Time?

This is an exciting game show and a variation of the popular money wheel game. The game is played with a large vertically standing wheel with 54 sectors, which is spun by the game host. In addition, each wheel spin receives a random multiplier.

What makes Crazy Time remarkable?

Crazy Time is an exciting online game with the opportunity to win real money, where participants place bets on a spinning wheel divided into segments with unique multipliers. Victory goes to those whose bets match the segment where the wheel stops, earning them a cash prize.

How can I participate in Crazy Time?

To participate in Crazy Time, you need to create an account at an online casino, make a deposit, and choose the bet size for the game. After these steps, you can spin the wheel and wait for it to land on the selected segment, which will result in a win.

What are the odds of winning in Crazy Time?

Your chances of success in Crazy Time depend directly on the quantity and type of bets placed. Higher bets increase the potential winnings, but decrease the chances of success. Distributing bets across multiple sectors increases the probability of winning.

What strategies exist for playing Crazy Time?

Winning in Crazy Time requires a skillful approach:

  • Diversify your bets across sectors to increase your chances of winning.
  • Approach the choice of bet amount carefully, avoiding the risk of losing all your funds at once.
  • Try playing in demo mode before playing for real money.
  • Enjoy the game and don't take it too seriously!

Where to play?

You can play at 1win website and mobile application. This site is reliable and secure, offering players all the opportunities for a good gaming experience.

Is there an autoplay mode in Crazy Time?

Yes, autoplay is possible. After placing your bet, autoplay allows you to repeat the selected bet or bets for a certain number of game rounds. To start autoplay, you need to place bets in the bet grid and press the "Autoplay" button.

Is there a chat in the online game?

Yes, you can communicate with other players and the game host. But remember to follow the rules of decency while chatting in the Crazy Time game chat.

Crazy Time Rules - A Chance to Win with Every Spin!

Let's start by going over the basic rules of the game. So, live dealers spin the game wheel on air. The wheel is divided into 54 sections. Some of the sectors simply bring multipliers from x2 to x20. Others - open the way to the world of bonus games, where your bet can be increased up to x100!

The minimum bet in the game is only 5 rubles. But even with the minimum bet, you can constantly increase your deposit and withdraw money to a real account. In addition to the main game, there is an additional one (located above the wheel). Between rounds, you won't have to be bored either, as the casino offers the opportunity to play a mini-game while you wait for the wheel to spin again. The game also provides access to statistics of the last 100 spins, which will be useful to us in developing a winning strategy.

So, at first glance, the rules are simple: place a bet and wait for the wheel to stop. However, experienced players have developed strategies, which we will now examine in detail.

"Minimum Risk" Strategy

This is the best strategy for beginners. The tactic is designed for slow increase of deposits without major risks. Players unanimously agree that with this approach to the game, losing the deposit is practically impossible. The essence is to make small bets in Crazy Time, around 100 rubles on the most frequently occurring sectors: x1, x2, x5, etc.

The probability that the wheel will stop at these sectors approaches 80%. This means that you will almost certainly increase your deposit. Losses are also possible with this approach, but the weekly cashback from the casino compensates for them. Thus, you gradually increase your deposit, practically without risking anything. There is a downside to this strategy - you don't have to expect huge winnings. To catch really big multipliers, there are more complex strategies developed.

Crazy Time "All-In" Strategy

This is also a relatively cautious tactic, and deep analysis of Crazy Time is not required here, but you will need a deposit larger than the minimum.
The essence is to anticipate all possible outcomes of wheel spins and bet the minimum allowed on all sectors. This way, you almost guaranteedly receive winnings. Here, the game is about endurance. A series of 10-15 such bets in a row will not only prevent you from going into negative, but also significantly increase your deposit. The advantage of this tactic is that the winnings more than compensate for possible losses. The drawback is the same as in the previous strategy: a big win is possible, but rare. This is another slow but reliable Crazy Time tactic.

High Roller Strategy

This game variant is not for the faint-hearted. You should only move on to it after gaining gaming experience with "cautious" tactics with small bets and developing gaming intuition. Your deposit should also be ready for large bets. The essence of the tactic is to ignore sectors with minimum bets, focusing on maximum multipliers. You place maximum bets on maximum multipliers in a series of free spins.
One or two winning spins will fully compensate for possible losses and bring truly big prizes. Be careful: after a series of four unsuccessful spins, it is best to leave the game for 1-2 hours. After three winning spins, it is also worth stopping for at least 2-3 hours.

"Mathematical" Strategy

This is the most complex but also the most reliable winning strategy. In this strategy, Crazy Time predictions are made based on the statistics of recent games. The essence is simple: study the last 100 games and note the frequency with which the bonus you need appears. For example, if you need a Pachinko bonus sector, track how often it appears. Suppose the bonus appears every 90 minutes. This means that you need to count 1.5 hours from the last appearance and place a bet. Here too, you need to be very careful: if the bonus does not appear after four spins, you should stop playing for the day.

The mathematical Crazy Time casino tactic allows you to hit the jackpot in just one spin. However, you need to consider the risks: this strategy focuses on large bets. If you're not ready to take the risk, it's better to "hone your skills" with more cautious tactics.

Which Strategy to Choose?

The choice of strategy depends solely on you. The only condition is that you must be ready for significant risks if you plan to play with large bets. For beginners, we recommend starting with cautious tactics and small bets.

Study the Game Statistics Carefully and Learn to Forecast!

But don't forget the main rule: no strategy guarantees a 100% win. Don't risk if you're not ready and focus on enjoying the game rather than just winning.

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