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Crazy Time

Crazy Time Game Description

Demo Game Crazy Time

The popularity of Crazy Time is growing every year, and legends of huge winnings from the first spin are multiplying every day. Undoubtedly, you want to experience the generosity of the slot for yourself and immerse yourself in this exciting, lively, and colorful gambling show. However, for inexperienced players unfamiliar with the nuances of the game, it's difficult to start playing without preparation, and sometimes even risky. What to do in this case? Start small: try the demo version of the game. However, Crazy Time demo differs from the familiar demo versions of slots with free bets and virtual deposits. Let's figure out what the feature of Crazy Time demo is, where to find the opportunity to play Crazy Time for free, and what benefit the demo mode can bring.

Crazy Time

Where to Play Crazy Time?

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Bonus 500%

Crazy Time Game Statistics

Crazy Time

Where to Play Crazy Time Demo Mode

The Crazy Time demo mode is available on any website that offers the live game itself. However, we recommend choosing only reliable casinos with a "clean" reputation. Remember: registration in the personal account of the casino is required to access the demo mode. If you choose an unreliable casino, your personal data will be at risk. Be sure to check the casino's license, read reviews on independent platforms, and make sure that you are completely satisfied with the deposit and withdrawal system.

Crazy Time Statistics for the Last 12 Hours



330 total appearances
2 spins since then



176 total appearances
1 spin since then



95 total appearances
4 spins since then



60 total appearances
40 spins since then



26 total appearances
33 spins since then



33 total appearances
27 spins since then



59 total appearances
12 spins since then



13 total appearances
25 spins since then

Features of Crazy Time Demo

We are used to the fact that the demo mode of a slot machine is a complete copy of the game with the same gameplay mechanics, bonuses, and rules. The casino offers the user a certain amount of virtual money as a deposit in the demo mode. During the game, the player places bets, actively uses bonuses, and learns to place bets correctly in practice. The only drawback in this case is that you cannot withdraw money to real accounts.

However, playing Crazy Time demo will be slightly different. The thing is, Crazy Time is a live game. The host spins the wheel, and players watch in real-time and place bets. During the game, the host actively interacts with the players. This means that it is impossible to play Crazy Time for free and place conditional bets. The concept of a Crazy Time demo account simply does not exist. Consider this: the participation of demo mode players in the live broadcast would disrupt the entire gameplay. Therefore, all we can do is observe.

But this does not mean that the Crazy Time demo mode is useless. It offers several opportunities:

Another feature of the Crazy Time demo mode, which sets it apart from regular slots, is the mandatory registration. Players without a personal account and at least a minimal deposit cannot play Crazy Time demo.

Crazy Time Online Broadcast

Bonus Games in Crazy Time

There are nine different bonus rounds available on the game wheel during the entertainment show Crazy Time:

  • Coin Flip (4 times),
  • Cash Hunt (2 times),
  • Pachinko (2 times),
  • Crazy Time (1 time).

Although the "Coin Flip" bonus round occurs most frequently, the game statistics may sometimes change commonly held perceptions about probabilities. However, the biggest wins are usually associated with the wheel stopping on the bonus game Crazy Time, where players can expect the coveted jackpot.

Crazy Time


The first of the additional games in Crazy Time, Coin Flip, attracts with its simple yet captivating mechanism. In this game, a special coin is played on a wheel with four sectors when it lands on the "Coin Flip" sector. The coin has two sides — red and blue, each with its own individual multiplier determining the payouts. The bet sizes on the Coin Flip can vary depending on the rules of the specific casino and the features of the round, ranging from small amounts and having the potential for significant increases.



The second bonus game in Crazy Time, Pachinko, turns the gameplay into an exciting visual spectacle with a huge wall covered with a multitude of obstacle discs. At the base of the wall are various payout multipliers that the ball launched by the dealer aims to reach. In its path, the ball bounces off obstacles, changing its trajectory, adding an element of unpredictability and thrilling suspense to the game. Some game variations offer a "double" sector, which doubles all multipliers and launches the ball again if it lands in this area. The maximum win in Pachinko depends on the multipliers the ball hits during the game, making each round unpredictable and exciting.



Cash Hunt, the third in the list of bonus games in Crazy Time, is an interesting virtual shooting range where players are given a choice of 108 different multipliers. Participants are asked to select a target they believe hides the highest multiplier and then take a shot. Afterward, the multipliers become known, and each player receives the multiplier corresponding to the outcome of their choice. Cash Hunt adds an element of strategy and intrigue to the Crazy Time gameplay, offering a unique and exciting way to test your luck in the dynamic atmosphere of an online casino.


Crazy Time

When the bonus game in Crazy Time is triggered, the player finds themselves in a special room where they will spin a money wheel adorned with various payout multipliers. Before the game starts, participants are faced with a choice – to decide on the color of one of the three markers (green, blue, or orange) located above the wheel. Each marker promises potential payouts, the size of which depends on where the wheel stops. It is recommended to choose the marker that promises the highest number of multipliers. If the marker lands on the "Double" or "Triple" segment, the multipliers increase according to the chosen marker, after which the wheel spins again with increased values. In the Crazy Time bonus game, the maximum possible multiplier reaches 25,000, making it one of the most thrilling and potentially profitable games.

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Questions and Answers about Crazy Time

What is Crazy Time?

This is an exciting game show and a variation of the popular money wheel game. The game is played with a large vertically standing wheel with 54 sectors, which is spun by the game host. In addition, each wheel spin receives a random multiplier.

What makes Crazy Time remarkable?

Crazy Time is an exciting online game with the opportunity to win real money, where participants place bets on a spinning wheel divided into segments with unique multipliers. Victory goes to those whose bets match the segment where the wheel stops, earning them a cash prize.

How can I participate in Crazy Time?

To participate in Crazy Time, you need to create an account at an online casino, make a deposit, and choose the bet size for the game. After these steps, you can spin the wheel and wait for it to land on the selected segment, which will result in a win.

What are the odds of winning in Crazy Time?

Your chances of success in Crazy Time depend directly on the quantity and type of bets placed. Higher bets increase the potential winnings, but decrease the chances of success. Distributing bets across multiple sectors increases the probability of winning.

What strategies exist for playing Crazy Time?

Winning in Crazy Time requires a skillful approach:

  • Diversify your bets across sectors to increase your chances of winning.
  • Approach the choice of bet amount carefully, avoiding the risk of losing all your funds at once.
  • Try playing in demo mode before playing for real money.
  • Enjoy the game and don't take it too seriously!

Where to play?

You can play at 1win website and mobile application. This site is reliable and secure, offering players all the opportunities for a good gaming experience.

Is there an autoplay mode in Crazy Time?

Yes, autoplay is possible. After placing your bet, autoplay allows you to repeat the selected bet or bets for a certain number of game rounds. To start autoplay, you need to place bets in the bet grid and press the "Autoplay" button.

Is there a chat in the online game?

Yes, you can communicate with other players and the game host. But remember to follow the rules of decency while chatting in the Crazy Time game chat.

How to Watch Crazy Time for Free Without Registration?

If you don't want to register an account and deposit even the minimum amount, watching the live stream on casino websites is not available for you. However, there is a solution: you can watch Crazy Time game streams from other gamblers. The easiest way is to find such a stream through the YouTube search bar. This method has both disadvantages and advantages.

The obvious downside is that you're not watching the game yourself, but rather through someone else's perspective. This may distract you from learning the rules and overall game statistics. Moreover, you'll see only as many rounds as the streamer wants to show. On the other hand, the comments from the streamer can be useful tips that might help you win in the future.

Is the Demo Version Useful?

Absolutely, it's useful. All experienced players agree that the Crazy Time demo version helps prepare for real gameplay and develop intuition. After training in the demo version, it will be easier for you to understand the game rules and place bets. Plus, such bonuses increase your chances of winning big by tens of times!

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